Euro Trip: Two Months Stats

Euro Trip: Two Months Stats

Two months ago I set off from Spain heading north, with no real goals other than
"hit as many countries as you can and do a good job at your day job", with my
shit kit, before my bike fell apart. Since then I've changed my route a few
times, lost loads of stuff, broken many things, and figured it would be fun to
put together some numbers.

  • Distance: 4,014 km (2,494 mi)
  • Elevation: 37,755 (23.5 mi)
  • Time: 174 hours 30 minutes (0.14 dog years)
  • Countries: 9
  • Crashes: 1 (More)
  • Rest Days: 10
  • Vacation Days: 2
  • Personal Days: 1
  • Max Croissants Per Day: 7
  • Friends Sofas: 3
  • Friend Visits: 2
  • Police Warnings: 2
  • Broken Spokes: 2
  • Lost Spare Spokes: 1
  • Not Cycled: 100km (1 train, aaaand...)
  • Hitchhikes: 2
  • Flat Tyres: 7
  • Cries: 2
  • New Tyres: 4 (More)
  • Tyre Plugs: 2
  • New Chains: 1
  • New Cleats: 5
  • Hub Bearing Replacements: 1
  • Tools Bartered at Bike Shops: 3
  • Zipties: 11
  • Bandages: 3
  • iPhone Screen Protector Replacements: 3
  • Flea Infestations: 1
  • Ant Attacks: 2
  • Ants Consumed: 3

Losing Shit

My WHOLE WALLET: A few days prior to actually getting started I lost my whole damn wallet, riding the bike back from Madrid to Calpe. It was before I got my bags setup good, and I had a water bottle in the same jersey pocket as some cards. I think they got stuck on moisture and jumped out.

Luckily had a card on Apple Pay. Tried a few hotels until they took it, and bought a train ticket online. Props to Monzo for rushing me that replacement debit card!

Washbag: Left my whole wash bag, with my clippers (hence the crazy beard), painkillers, asthma thing, all sorts of stuff. Very much lighter now but when I'm mushing it up a giant hill I really miss my "sports educed asthma fixer".


Left Shoe: After a very bad day of bike trouble, I lost my running shoe which was in a side pocket on my pannier. Got some replacement hiking shoes on the cheap (I am not going to go for a jog on a rest day but I'd love a stroll about). Now they live in my backpack which is bungee corded to the rack.

Apple Macbook Charger: Checking out of Monaco hotel I pulled the charger out of the wall and knocked over a coffee, rushing as I was waaaaay past checkout. I think I just left it there, but luckily the USB-C Macbooks can charge off of pretty much anything, including my "Fast Charge" (USB-PB) power thing. It's 14w instead of 60w so shit takes a while, but it works.

My "Fast Charge" power thing: Lost that too. Got another one, for more money than the original. 👍

Toothpaste: Had two furry feeling days before I found more. A lot of hotels have tiiiiiny little two-squirt packs so now one of those lives in my frame bag as a backup.

Skewer Nut: I changed my cassette and lost the skewer nut off the back. I traded for the front nut and zip-tied the bastard on. It's the most scared I've been in years.


It's going great folks! Currently in East Europe in Czech, and I'm about to go on a rampage ticking off as many countries as possible. Camping equipment is gonna meet me in Prague, with a tarp and bivy from Alp Kit. Might talk about that next.