I've been programming since I was about 12, fighting my way up through the ranks of the PHP community to being a core contributor, and on the PHP-FIG board.

Tech startups took me from Bristol to New York, managing APIs and building distributed systems for SoLoMo apps, carpooling companies, eventually settling at WeWork as an internal API consultant, identifying and resolving issues with distributed systems, solve architectural issues, and setting up API Governance programs.

I left the States and took my experience on the road, digital nomad on a bike around Europe for a few years. My main client was building and implementing OpenAPI tooling at Stoplight.io, helping them create some of the best API Design & Governance tooling around.

Since then I've mostly got out of tech, starting up a reforestation charity called Protect Earth back in the U.K. to be closer to the family whilst refusing to fly. That takes up most of my time and doesn't pay any money, so I keep active with APIs You Won't Hate, writing content and books trying to keep food on the table whilst also trying to save the world.

I love to teach, so if you'd like to learn about remote work, digital nomad life, API design and governance, or need any help with anything, check out my consulting page.

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