Send iPhone notifications from CodeIgniter

Send iPhone notifications from CodeIgniter

Most web-applications currently use automated e-mail's to let an administrator know something is going on and some applications use Twitter. Why not use iPhone Push Notifications to get an alert to you immediately without having to check a thing?

If you know nothing about how Push Notifications work then relax, you really don't need to. Prowl handles it all for you and gives you access to a simple API once you have registered an account.

The day Prowl was released I felt the need to make something with it, no matter how simple or silly. The result was Spam Phil. That was some time ago and recently the comical spams have died out, but I was reminded of this work when a follower on Twitter asked for my Prowl work "@philsturgeon any chance you could email me the source of your little Codeigniter + Prowl integration?".

I was slightly confused as I had never done any CodeIgniter + Prowl work, but not wanting to disappoint, I threw one together based on PHP Prowl.

The installation and useage is really simple, take a look here:

Prowl library for CodeIgniter

If it makes your iPhone explode, blame somebody else.