Developer Fallacies of 2014

Some people like to take a quick walk down memory lane in January, and post their highlights of the previous year.

Last year (2014) was defined for me by a) visa drama and b) stupid arguments. Seeing as I've already covered the visa drama and the eventual resolution, I thought I'd take a slightly different route with this year in review.

Let's take a look back at some of the silly, shortsighted or patently false things people have been saying around the PHP community, and the development community in general, starting from January 1st 2014 and going through in rough chronological order:

  • Walling a framework community off from PHP at large by duplicating existing resources just for that community is awesome
  • No programmers ever get hired by recruiters
  • Framework agnostic code takes drastically longer to develop and release than framework specific code
  • NodeJS is magically always faster than PHP
  • I am profiting from the PHP The Right Way eBook
  • The PHP-FIG is a bunch of misogynists
  • The PHP League is a bunch of misogynists (same person)
  • Frameworks are dead
  • TDD is dead
  • Ruby is dead
  • Agile is dead
  • is not dead
  • I deprecated PSR-0 just to make the FIG look busy
  • Micro-services should probably always be .jar files instead
  • The PHP League is a closed community of elitists who wont let anyone in
  • PHP 7.0 is a better name than PHP 6.0 because 7 is lucky in China
  • Releasing 1000 identical packages that solve the same domain problem in basically exactly the same way with varying levels of quality is great for the community
  • There is nothing at all wrong with extremely tight package-level coupling
  • I am a credit thief who pretends I wrote PHP The Right Way by myself
  • PHPNG is Zend's response to HHVM and they are the same thing
  • Spaces are better than tabs
  • Tabs are better than spaces
  • Maintaining CodeIgniter - when actively used by thousands of people - is a waste of time
  • The PHP League is trying to take over every single PHP project on the Internet and won't stop until we have them all

What a year.

Let's try to cut back on the asshattery in and around the PHP community this year. Let's focus on open-source teamwork, helping other developers to learn new things and building bigger and better educational resources for developers of all skill levels. Most importantly, Don't Be a Dick.