Bike to the Beach 2013

Bike to the Beach 2013

I have always liked to bike around. I bike to the pub, bike to my friends house, bike to dates (that never worked out so well) and bike up, over and around mountains for the sake of it, but I've never done anything quite so tricky as this next challenge.

This June I will be participating in an annual fundraising bike ride to raise money for Autism awareness and research called Bike to the Beach. This bike ride goes all the way from Battery Park in Manhattan to the West Hamptons, which is a fucking long way; 100 miles to be precise.

Obviously I want to raise as much money for this good cause. I have family members and friends who's lives have been affected with Autism in various ways, and raising awareness, increasing funds for research, and generally helping out in any way is a great cause. My goal is $500 but I can definitely do a lot better than that with your help.

Autism is a neurological disorder that affects 1 out of every 88 children. Every 21 minutes a child is diagnosed with Autism, the fastest growing disability in the United States. Autism is a national crisis, costing the country more than $90 billion annually, yet it receives less than 5% of the federal funding of other less prevalent childhood diseases.

So, I plan to do all the hard work here. I've been out riding most weekends, done a few 75 milers and doing at least 20 miles a day just riding around. I am limping like John Wayne already and I have another month of training to go. If you can throw as little as $10 my way then I'll be super grateful, and I might even use more polite swear-words next time we get into an argument on the internet!

Or you can join us! Team RAMRod will be happy to have more people on board, there should be 4 or 5 of us so far but we're not all signed up. There is always room for more if you fancy it.